How SEO helps you grow your business by 160%?

What is SEO?

SEO is the abbreviation for the Search Engine Optimization. In Layman’s terms, SEO is nothing but optimizing your content in such a way that it pops up top on the search engine. This popping up early in the results, helps you in driving the traffic towards your website. This traffic would eventually result in conversion as your clients or customers. SEO also has both local and global influence. If you’d like to learn more about the local SEO, read this.

So how do I achieve a good SEO for my blogs and website?

SEO is essential both for your blogs and the website altogether. A Website’s SEO helps in reflecting your agency on top when searched with the relevant words. It’s essential especially when someone is looking out for services across the search engine. As we all know Google takes multiple things into consideration while positioning the results on the top. Hence, if your website comes out on the top, then the blind faith on Google, prompts the users to go with the ones on the top. So a website’s SEO is really important when you’re running a website and expect to generate leads through the same.

Coming to a blog’s SEO, websites aren’t shared on the social media. But the blogs, certainly are. Keeping in mind the fact that social media is a vast platform and nowhere people are as connected as in here, shows the need for the blogs to be shared online. Once you share these blogs on the social media platform, the first important thing to keep in mind is to publicize the same in order to get the best response throughout the web. Hence, this increases your chances of getting new businesses.

Let’s see how you can improve your SEO:

Understand trends and user’s questions and needs:

If you’d like to place yourself on the top, how do you think you can stand apart from all the regular posts? You can’t because a lot of people have already written number of blog articles for the same. Then how can you put yourself apart from these people? I’ll tell you.

Look for a trending topic as soon as it comes out and write an article with all the information that is required in order to stand first and most informative. This will definitely place you on the top if you’re quick enough. You will be able to attract number of audiences with in a span of minutes. Hence, always keep yourself updated by visiting the sites like Google Trends.

Appropriate Headlining:

Headlines are the souls of any article. An articles quality can be judged and is more often judged through the depth the headline carries. It shows how serious the author is about the article and how dedicated he is in providing the right information. There are a number of articles on the web and it isn’t easy to stand apart from them. A good headline is the one that sets you different from these.

Let’s take two articles as references here.

  1. Best SEO techniques to improve your business
  2. How SEO helps you grow your business by 160%?

Which one do you think would you read first? Such is the impact a headline could have over any article. The article’s worth is known when it’s opened. But for the audience to open it first, they must find it interesting enough. A sense of interest must be generated in the minds of the readers. A good headline does that job for you and helps in attracting more number of audience.

Longtail focus Keywords:

Keywords are the ones one needs to keep in mind in order to spread their blog content across. The number of times you use a particular keywords influences your ranking on the SERPs(Search Engine Result Pages). Hence, always understand which kind of words the audience would use to search for that particular topic.

You can use multiple online keyword search tools in order to find the right keyword to be used as your SEO keyword. Here’s ubersuggest by Neil Patel that would help you through this.

Image Optimization:

This is one another important part most of the people ignore and lose some really good rank that they could have got in the first place. If you don’t know it yet, Google can skim through the images as well and can detect the keywords present on the image. If you’d like yourself to place on the first page of the results. Do optimize your images. Put the best images that you can in order to help the users understand better. Also credit the images if you’ve taken it from someplace else.

Proper Linking:

Google can crawl through different links available on your website. The more links you attach, the better is the information grasped. So always make sure that you provide enough links for the reference purpose as well. This also helps your users in understanding the same thing in various perspectives. As the perspectives are different for every other person hence, this will help in a better understanding of the same.

Track your data:

If you don’t track your data and analyze accordingly then how do you think you can improve? This is the most important factor that makes or breaks any industry. If you fail to recognize what helps your website traffic the most, then you’ll never know which places to concentrate upon. All you can do is trust your gut and go with it. Which in 99% of the cases don’t work at all. Hence, always gauge your traffics performance and understand how it responds to different methods followed.

Avoid Blackhat practices:

Blackhat practices were quite common in the past. A few tricks would land these people on the top of the SERPs. In order to avoid these practices, Google has been continuously coming up with various algorithms to credit the genuine sites. If Google finds out about the blackhat techniques you’ve been using, then it’s certainly going to penalize you. So do avoid things like keyword stuffing, reciprocal linking and purchasing links as it will affect your site the most negative way possible. If you’d like to read more about these algorithm updates over the years. Read here.


If you’d like to attract enough traffic towards your website, then SEO practices are a must. Never go with the blackhat practices. Apart from these tips, if you want to fare better in the search engine result page rankings, then write genuine articles without any grammatical errors and you’ll be good to go!